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Tasia’s Redemption


“Taisa’s Redemption” is a short documentary film about two Christian ministers, Andrade Forden and his wife, Kimisha Forden, who are establishing a new church, Heaven’s Lighthouse Ministries International, to inspire many lives but find that their newcomers are faced with personal challenges. Tasia, a new member of Heaven’s Lighthouse Ministries International, is carrying burdens that she now longs for Jesus Christ to relieve her from. When these obstacles become noticeably too much for her to bear, God reveals to Andrade and Kimisha that the solution to her problems will be found through baptism.

Cast and Crew

Andrade Forden – Producer
Kimisha Forden – Producer
Tasia Granville – Talent
Taysean Wilson-Nolan – Director

Production Companies

Heaven’s Lighthouse Ministries International
Hour Zero